More than a journey, but a rewarding experience of the spiritual home of Portuguese wine-making, the Douro Valley. Twisting and winding through some of the country’s most mountainous terrain around the river Douro, we explore a rich history dating back to Marques de Pombal in 1757 in one of the first wine-making regions in the world.

Famous for its historic role producing port wine that would be exported around the world from Porto, the rich traditions of the Douro valley are protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site and by three DOC areas.

Vineyards are carved into the steep sides of the valley creating a beautiful network of gnarled ancient vines, with dozens of different fortified and unfortified grapes nestled together from the hundreds of local varieties. The rich and complex wines of the Douro represent the very oldest traditions of Portugal.

Exploring tradition and adventure with exceptional service that engages with our guests, we travel beyond the wine cellars and factory tours, giving you the opportunity to learn about the true Douro: the landscapes, the river, the history, the wines and the experience the essence of an incredible region.

Our tours are tailored to your own tastes and wishes, with personalised travel experiences just for you and your party – lose yourself in an incredible, historic region – and leave all the details to us!




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