One of the most beautiful Portuguese regions, Alentejo is a place where culture and tradition go hand in hand. The endless fields, the oak trees forests and the blue horizon are home to the honest and proud artisans of Alentejo.

Its history is vast as the landscapes, where we can still find traces of the Phoenicians from over 3000 years ago. But, most importantly for wine culture, it is the legacy of the Romans that laid the foundations of farming and viticulture in Alentejo.

Providing the first export of Portuguese wines to Rome, these roots are still seen in Alentejo today, two thousand years later – with Roman clay jars still used for the fermentation and storage of wine today.

Exploring tradition and adventure with exceptional service that engages with our guests, we travel beyond the wine cellars and factory tours, giving you the opportunity to learn about the true Alentejo: a once-in-a-lifetime tour of regional wines and gastronomy...a chance to experience the essence of an incredible region.

Our tours are tailored to your own tastes and wishes, with personalised travel experiences just for you and your party – lose yourself in an incredible, historic region – and leave all the details to us!


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