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The project was born from a willingness to share a passion, wine! And sharing that passion was the inspiration for Premium Portugal.

Our Store

Since the opening of the store our focus has been on the quality of the wines, their presentation and the exclusivity and above all in the difference of the various specialized services offered. The passion we have for wines can be felt in our store, while enjoying a wine in the innumerable options that we have available; or abroad: when traveling in our company to the various Portuguese wine regions and know the unique life histories directly with the producers; or ... sailing on a yacht along the Algarve coast, and refreshing yourself with an exclusive champagne ... in these little details ... the distinction!

Avenida dos Descobrimentos 43-G Loja M
8600-645 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Mo - Fri
09:30 - 19:00
09:30 - 18:30

Our History

Many years of experience has given Miguel a unique insight into Portugal’s wine industry, using his insider connections alongside a deeper, philosophical understanding of these wines to help create truly authentic experiences. At the Lagos shop, he showcases exclusive and unusual wines, usually only available to purchase in restaurants and or hotels – all guided by his expert palate.

Miguel Martins

Before opening his own shop in 2014, Miguel has worked in some of the most renowned gastronomic spots in the Algarve and already been nominated as Portugal's sommelier of the year. His time with the Michelin-starred Vila Joya, Ocean restaurant, Enrique Leis, Vista restaurant and Gusto restaurant led to the discovery of his true love.

“ Wine is the Alchemy of the sences.”

Miguel Martins
CEO Sommelier Wine Shop

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