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Our journey began sharing a simple meal together as friends. As our passion for Portugal grew, we wanted to help others feel the same way about its incredible wine and food culture.

Premium Portugal

By getting to know you, finding out exactly what you & your guests want, we tailor bespoke excursions as unique as you are - and just like our first dinner together, we create special moments that become unforgettable memories.

Our Services

Sommelier Wine Shop

The project was born from a willingness to share a passion, wine! And sharing that passion was the inspiration for Premium Portugal.

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Wine tastings

Whether you are a collector looking for something special, or simply wish to enjoy wine the way it should be – paired with good friends and excellent food, we have the experience and expertise to help you truly explore the Portuguese wine regions and curate a unique, personal cellar.

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Wine tasting on the Yacht

Our itineraries and packages are completely tailorable to your needs, with food and wine selections catered to your personal tastes. Fine dining.  Food & wine pairings.  Authentic local cuisine. If you want to get to know the Algarve better, let us be your guides.

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Wine Tours

It's all about who you know...

We ensure the perfect planning and booking of your trip – as well as signature moments designed to make your day truly unforgettable.

Luxury, boutique or unique, whatever your desire, Premium Portugal is the key to your dream wine excursion.

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Our Mission

We use our exclusive relationships with lodging, winery and restaurant partners to create lasting memories and personalized experiences of Portugal’s wine and food culture.

Our Vision

Our custom travel specialists design the perfect trip for wine enthusiasts, with no need to sacrifice luxury, you can explore the unexplored with your friends & family – simple and stress-free.

"Creating this project was above all the intention to share my passion for wines."

Miguel Martins
CEO Premium Portugal

Our Team

Patrik Rapsik

CEO of Premium Portugal

Miguel Martins

CEO of Sommelier Wine Shop

Betty Tomaskova

Project Accounting Manager

Joana Sena

Sales representative at Sommelier Wine Shop

Looking for something special?

Any wine lovers looking for that special bottle of wine or vineyard tour that isn't on our website can get in touch with us directly - we'll try our hardest to make sure you find exactly what you want!

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